Activities In kuttikkanam


Ramakkalmedu is one of the charming hill stations in Idukki district. It is fully bounded with evergreen hills, fresh and clean air which makes you to feel pleasant. Constant wind is another factor which makes Ramakkalmedu unique..


Parunthumpara or Eagle Rock situated close to Peermedu in Idukki area is a spot acclaimed for its perfect natural magnificence. A trekker s pleasure offering a birds eye perspective on an unending stretch of green woods and landscape, Parunthumpara is a most loved of odd explorers. Whats more if the sky is clear the guests can likewise get a good visibility of Sabarimala forests from here. Parunthumpara actually significance Eagle Rock is 6 km away from Peermedu-the well known plantation town in Kerala on the National Highway 220. Parunthumpara can likewise be reached through two fundamental streets in the locale from Nedumbassery-Munnar road and the Kumarakom Thekkady road. It is among the best spots to visit when one is near Kuttikkanam or Thekkady region. .


Being a natural beauty, Panchalimedu is a paradise for nature lovers and photographers. However, due to the presence of several historical places in the region, this tiny yet picturesque hill station becomes special to every tourist. You cannot find the perfect mix of nature and history everywhere in Kerala and Panchalimedu is one amongst the few places which provide you with this everlasting experience. The major places to visit here include Goddess Bhuvaneshwari Temple, Panchalikulam, Pandavaguha and the footprints of Bhima. There are lot of places around Panchalimedu, too, which might interest you, thereby, compelling you to visit Panchalimedu again and again. These places include the hill station of Parunthumpara and Peeru Hills, Valanjanganam Waterfall and Valliyamkavu Devi Temple. .

Valanjanganam Waterfalls

Valanjanganam (a.k.a Ninnumullipara) Waterfalls is one of the main attractions of Kuttikkanam. This mist covered waterfalls is a beautiful scenery to watch. There is an artificial dense pine forest in Kuttikanam covering an area of 100 acres safeguarded by the Kerala Forest Department. This forest is inhabited by very rare endangered species as well as about 30 species of birds.


Kerala is the home to beautiful art, glorious history and rich culture and tradition. The spellbinding performance of Kathakali with the elaborate detail on costume and makeup raises the hairs on the viewer’s body. The art pieces performed at the Thirumeni Cultural Centre are absolutely magnificent with extreme care given to intricacies of gestures, expressions and movements of the eyes, hands and the flow of the body. This dance form is a cultural symbol of Kerala and is known worldwide for its power to move audiences. Location- Thirumeni Cultural Centre, Silent Valley, kuttikkanam.

Jeep Ride

Most popular off-the-track activity in Thekkady, the Jeep Safari to Gavi covers the dense forests, waterfalls, spice plantations, and green vegetation. jeep safari is a perfect substitute to hiking tours.

Mountain Biking

One of the best things to do in Thekkady Thekkady kuttikkanam is to go for mountain biking. The Western Ghats give you amazing trails to bike on from kuttikkanam , ideal for an expert cyclist as well as an amateur. The roads will take you around tea gardens, cardamom estates, and shola forests, so you can get a stunning view of the Kerala countryside. Mountain biking is a casual way to discover your surroundings while in kuttikkanam . You can also go on the Cardamom trail, which starts from Thekkady Thekkady kuttikkanam and ends in the Periyar Tiger Reserve and takes up to four days. Location: In and around kuttikkanam .

Take An Elephant Safari

This private elephant park in Thekkady Thekkady kuttikkanam is a treat for nature enthusiasts as well as people who love to ride elephants. This is an activity you may not come across in many places across the country and abroad, hence make sure you have it on your bucket list. The rides are about thirty minutes long and take you through the dense forests and winding hill roads of the elephant park. This is a great place to watch the lives of elephants closely, how they are bathed, what they eat, where they live. Location: Mattupetty Road, kuttikkanam , Kannan Devan Hills.

Bamboo Rafting

One of the most thrilling activities you can enjoy in Thekkady is bamboo rafting. This dawn to dusk activity consists of range hiking and rafting jaunts, traversing through the thickest tract of forests in the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary..


Founded in 1910, the CSO Christ Church is the headquarters of the CSI Thekkady Thekkady kuttikkanam Pastorate with eighteen churches located outside Thekkady Thekkady kuttikkanam and more than a thousand families. The foundation stone of this holy site was laid by Noel Hodges in 1900, after which construction began in 1910, and the church was inaugurated in 1911. The church has exquisitely beautiful glass windows that are its main attraction. This quiet church among the mountains and forests is a perfect place to spend a morning in, as you take in the British architecture and stained glass windows. Location: Dhanushkodi Road, Moolakadai, kuttikkanam

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